Public Relations Level 3 (LCCI)

Level 3 Certificate in Public Relations (PR) is the prestige international qualification offered by LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry), designed to enable learners to fully understand related concepts and activities and to develop essential PR techniques such as working with the Publics and Media Channels.

At BMG Education, the course is licensed to prepare and deliver exclusively in order to ensure our well-known criteria: “Learn Practically, Work Professionally”. Lots of practical case studies are introduced and strategically analysed in class, the Course therefore is promised to develop learners a broad practical skills in PR techniques and Personal Development.

Learner at BMG education is eligible to attend LCCI examinations at free cost. Upon successfully obtain passes in two other subjects, which are: Selling & Sales Management Level 3 and Marketing Level 3, Learner will be eligible for the LCCI Level 3 Diploma in Marketing. 

1. Who are the most suitable learners for the course?

This qualification is designed to be of benefit to learners who are:

  • Wish to possess a worldly recognised qualification
  • Undergraduates want to gain practical experiences
  • Currently in the PR profession
  • Of other business subjects and wish/need to gain detail insights into the PR function

1.1 English Requirements:

To ensure the quality of the course:

  • Learner should possess TOEIC > 500 or others Equivalent English qualifications.
  • Learner fails to meet the English requirement; they must take the English tests designed by BMG.

6. Which learning approach best suits the needs of BMG's learners?

  • Learners are expected to study under our Interactive Teaching Programs (ITP) to ensure BMG’s criteria:” Learn Practically, Work Professionally”
  • Learn directly from many experienced Directors to generate realistic experiences about conducting PR activities.
  • Learn through practice analysing real business cases.

7. What will learners be able to do after taking the course?

After graduation, Leaners will be able to work as a PR Executive and effectively exercise many PR activities such as: establish a PR campaign, working with the Media, host an exhibitions, etc.

8. Who are the course lecturers?

Lecturers at BMG are all PR Directors/Managers of leading domestic and foreign businesses who possess a wide range of experience in PR.

9. Who will issue the certificates and how valid are the certificates?

After complete the course and passing the exams, the certificate of completion will be granted by LCCI.